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A Vessel Made to Contain Christ

Having been reared in a home with a Christian mother and an agnostic father, my outlook on all issues was always two sided. My mother taught me to believe by faith, and my father taught me that it wasn’t wrong to believe, as long as you know why. At a very early age I received the Lord into my heart, and so began my search as to the “why” of what I knew simply as being true in my young heart and mind.

All through my formative years I had several experiences of Christ moving in my life. Despite the fact that I was born with a physical handicap I was very blessed. At the age of 16 I asked my grandfather who was a minister to baptize me in a river. When asked if I would mind being baptized by a church, I answered that I belong to Christ and not to any church. This idea came to me because while in the hospital in my youth, often people of various denominations would come and pray for me and my father would point out that though they all say they serve the same God, they do not respect or love one another. In me there was always the “why” and that I did not wish to be a part of this separation from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

In time the Lord gave me a small but life saving physical healing out of His love and mercy. By the time I reached my third year of college I had many questions regarding the Bible and my Lord—questions that none of my spiritual leaders in any of the denominations could answer with satisfaction in my mind and my heart. When my parents divorced and my mother lost so much of herself both materially and spiritually, and my father appeared to be the stable sensible one, it only added to my disenchantment with religion. Often I would tell the Lord that He did not exist. But always He would remind me that if He did not, then why would I continue to speak with Him.

On campus I met a young man who was a fellow Christian and was living the life I believed a Christian should live, namely that He had constant fellowship with many Christians of all denominations. When I asked him my questions of “why” that had come from many years with my father and then of my own experiences, this brother in Christ had logical answers that witnessed with my spirit. We spent many hours in the Scriptures. This same brother introduced me to other believers in Christ who also not only helped me to know the Lord, they increased my love for Him as well.

Through those believers, I was introduced to the writings of Witness Lee. Our Human Spirit was the first book I read by him. I cannot express the joy in realizing that I had a human spirit! After reading many more books by Mr. Lee and Watchman Nee, and meeting with other genuine believers who endeavored to express the life of Christ, I began to enjoy and love the Lord in a deeper way. This has continued over the past thirteen years. Now I know why even with a physical handicap, I am here on the earth. Like you, I’m simply made as a vessel to contain and express Christ who will build up His Body, which will bring Him back for His Bride to defeat His enemy, and bring in the New Jerusalem!