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I am now retired. I spent 20 years as a YMCA executive, and also have a background in sports nutrition and fitness. I was born anew in the summer of 1939. My parents were Godly and provided me with a good foundation in Christian living. Throughout all my experience, I have acquired a solid foundation in the Word through much formal education from religious institutions. But, in 1968, I became interested in the writings and ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, and began to study in their ministry. It was hard for me to realize the practical experience of what they both shared until I began to meet with the local churches. I have been meeting in this way now for over 25 years.

Throughout the years, I attended many conferences given by Witness Lee. I never heard Him minister anything but the reality of Christ for the Christianís daily living. One of the great things that I really appreciate about this brother is that from him I found out I have a human spirit to contain God, and all that He is. My human spirit is the key, and I have been joined to the Lord, and I am one spirit with Him. The entire Bible teaching that I received prior to this never brought me to such a reality. Now I am able to read the Bible with life, and this life provides much light. I understand more now, than I ever did before, because I am able to relate what I read to my daily living.

I am so thankful for the Recovery Version of the New Testament translated by many brothers and for the footnotes to this version written by Witness Lee. The entire Bible is so clear now. Everything contained therein brings me to experience the reality of Christ in my life.

Robert Charles Hodges